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CodeAlchemists was created in 2006 by Duncan Jauncey to unite several software projects under one common name.

Duncan created JobTrawler while he was researching new job opportunities to make the process of online job-searching easier and to help people manage their concurrent job applications.

JDarkRoom originated as an experiment to see whether a simple WriteRoom/DarkRoom-like text editor could be easily created in Java. It rapidly enjoyed publicity on LifeHacker (Jan. 2007) and several blogs and podcasts, leading to thousands of downloads.

TubeWatch was created as a nicer interface to the official Tube status page, but to add the ability to see events that occurred earlier in the day and therefore provide a better overall picture of how the Tube is coping.

Duncan Jauncey is an experienced software developer who enjoys creating useful software. He occasionally also posts articles on his blog.

Duncan Jauncey