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A simple full-screen text editor


23rd June 2010 - Version 15-beta
JDarkRoom version 15-beta has been released - please give it a try.

23rd June 2010 - Website
JDarkRoom has now had over 200,000 hits and over 75,000 downloads.

JDarkRoom has now been downloaded by thousands of people. See some of our JDarkRoom sightings.

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About JDarkRoom

JDarkRoom is a popular, simple full-screen text file editor with none of the usual bells and whistles that might distract you from the job in hand. If you are writing a speech, novel, essay, thesis or just need to be able to concentrate on your writing, then JDarkRoom may help you.

I have released JDarkRoom under the umbrella of CodeAlchemists. Please donate if you find this software useful - it encourages me to add features and fix bugs.

The development of JDarkRoom was heavily inspired by DarkRoom, an implementation of WriteRoom (which is a Mac-only application) for Windows, but DarkRoom requires the Microsoft .NET framework. I decided to create my own implementation in Java for those that prefer not to use .NET.


  • Change your colour preferences, font and font size - via the settings screen (F6)
  • JDarkRoom remembers the file that you were working on last time
  • Support for central-european character sets
  • JDarkRoom notifies you if you might have forgotten to save your changes
  • Word/line/character count (Ctrl-L)
  • Specify a file on the command-line for JDarkRoom to open it at startup
  • Text antialiasing (where possible)
  • Mouse-wheel scrolling
  • Adjustable margins to fit any screen resolution (F9 to reset)
  • Auto-save backups - so you never lose your work again
  • Text search (F7 / Ctrl-F)
  • A command-reminder strip can be displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • Export to HTML using Markdown
  • Goal feature - displays number of words required to reach a specific goal
  • Inherit indentation
  • Convert tabs to spaces
  • Insert timestamp feature - with configurable timestamp format
  • 'No Delete' mode
  • 'Typewriter scrolling' mode (experimental)
  • A choice of file encodings (default: UTF-8)



JDarkRoom is supported entirely by the adverts you see on the right and by donations. Please consider donating, even 5 €/$/£ helps.

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