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Kitchen Wall Tile Pattern Generator
The Kitchen Wall Tile Pattern Generator creates random (but aesthetically pleasing) tile patterns for your kitchen (or bathroom) wall.

Computer-generated random patterns often contain clusters or repetitions of the same colour, which is almost always not what you want. This page generates patterns without those repetitions.
Works Database Converter
Works Database Converter extracts your data from old, obsolete, Microsoft Works Database (*.wdb) files into Excel spreadsheets.

If you have a Microsoft Works Database file that you can no longer read, this application may help recover your lost data.
JDarkRoom is a popular full-screen text editor with none of the usual bells and whistles that might distract you from the job in hand.

If you want to focus on writing without distractions, or just feel a pang of nostalgia for the retro colour scheme, JDarkRoom might be the editor for you.
Contact Sheets
Contact Sheets generates a large single image for each folder, showing thumbnails (small images) of each of the the photos within.

If you have a large archive of digital photographs, this program can automatically scan for new or changed photos and regenerate any contact sheets as necessary.
TubeWatch is a visual display of the status of the London Underground network. It presents a clear view of how the status has changed throughout the day and maintains a historical record of previous days.

If you commute on the London Underground, TubeWatch can show you whether the tube has generally been having a good or a bad day.
Looking for a job? Download JobTrawler to your computer and let it take the hassle out of checking all those job websites every day.

JobTrawler can also show you which recruitment agencies are currently listing the most jobs in your field, along with all the contact details of the best people to call.

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